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Beluga LDAP Server V1.0.0

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Quick Start
  4. Limitations
  5. Release Notes
  6. Planned Features
  7. License
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The motivation for creating this in Java implemented LDAP server was

Generally this project was also inspired by the HQSLDB which is a very nice, easy-to-use SQL database.
The basic concept behind Beluga is that it is fully based on LDIF files. It is not using a database for its data.

It is also completely unaware of directory schema. It just reads in the defined LDIF files and that's the content then. Whatever the objectclasses and attributes are.

It was also clear from the very beginning that Beluga will never support all LDAP features as specified in RFC-2251. However, the basic functionality, which probably covers over 90% of real life usage scenarios, is fully implemented. That is:

However, all changes to the data will be lost after the server has been stopped. Currently changes are not persisted!


Quick Start


For a clear understanding and to avoid wrong expectations here is a brief list of features Beluga is currently not supporting. Furthermore there is no intention to support them in future either.

Release Notes

Current version of Beluga is 1.0.0

For details about supported features and bugfixes see release-notes.txt.

Planned Features

The following list presents some of the features that are planned for future versions.


This tool is currently available under the terms of the EPL 1.0 license. It grants the right to freely use and share this tool.
The source code is also available with the download on the Programmer's Friend website.


Please send all bug reports, comments and suggestions to .